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Hi, I’m Konrad
a UX Designer. It’s nice to see you

About me

My workflow

1. Defining problem


Methods & Tools:

Usability testing; Meetings with stakeholders; Field studies; Competitor analysis

2. User research


Methods & Tools:

Contextual Interviews; Focus Groups; Individual Interviews; Online Surveys; Scenarios; Personas; Sticky Notes;

3. Concept work


Methods & Tools:

Brain Storms; Affinity Diagramming; Rose Bud Thorn; Card Sorting; Paper; Marker; Whiteboard; Sticky notes;

4. Prototyping


Methods & Tools:

Round Robin; Paper; Marker; Sticky notes; Whiteboard; Axure RP; UXPin; InVision; Sketch; Photoshop; Pixate Studio; Xcode: Origami;

5. User Testing


Methods & Tools:

Tree testing; Remote user testing; Eye tracking; Heat maps; First Click Testing; Web Analytics;

6. Repeat 3,4 & 5


Methods & Tools:

All above

7. Implementation


Methods & Tools:

Heuristic evaluation; Usability testing; Work with delivery team

8. Deployment


Methods & Tools:

Surveys; Field studies; Usability testing;

Good research is crucial

I can’t start any project until I understand it. So at the beginning I do deep market and user research.

I conduct team workshops and research sessions with internal and external stakeholders.

I create usable documentation

Every project has its own, unique story which should be well presented.

Good documentation will help everybody who is engaged in the process – from designers, developers – to stakeholders.

DocumentationDocumentation 2

Documentation 3

Design, prototype, test, repeat

I prototype interactive solutions in Axure, UXPin, Sketch.

I also don’t forget about old-fashioned physical paper. It’s very useful, especially when it comes to quickly demonstrating a particular idea.

When I have my ideas in order, I test them with users and stakeholders to find out what works, and what could be done better and I iterate this process until I solve every issues.

Very often at this stage , I have to become a translator who speaks different languages, those of developers, engineers, business stakeholders and end users to ensure that everyone understands each other.


Mobile interface description

Contact form

Information page

Railway station_home

ticket details


Clients I have worked with

And much more…

What’s an NDA

Often, to secure a contract with a new client, I must sign nondisclosure agreements that prevent me from being able to show my work, and in some cases I cannot even mention the name of the client.

In some cases I’m able to show my projects in person at an interview on my laptop as this isn’t considered digital distribution. I’m also willing to undertake design challenges or assessments at an interview to demonstrate my capabilities.

In case you missed it

My name is Konrad

Here is my email: dziejarski@goodux.pl

And my mobile: 697 271 839

And this is:

My resume

Feel free to email, phone or Facebook me. You don’t really have to have any job offer or anything. I’ll be happy just to talk with you :)